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How essential getaways are to get away from routine

We all need to switch off from time to time. The truth is that, with the frenetic rhythms in which we live, we have become accustomed to getting little sleep, having an agenda full of plans, rushing everywhere and living on autopilot. This is detrimental to us in many ways, including our health.

For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to stop, rest and find spaces for ourselves in our daily lives that help us slow down, do nothing or simply do whatever we feel like doing at that moment. Introducing small, calm activities into our routine, such as reading, keeping away from screens, practicing yoga or taking walks close to nature, allows us to reconnect with other areas of our life and dedicate more self-care moments to ourselves, which will help us reduce stress levels.

Fortunately, you don't need a long holiday to switch off. A weekend is enough to rest, recharge your batteries and come back with more energy. The simple fact of physically getting away helps us relax mentally and break away from our daily obligations. And if we can add some nature to our getaway, it will fill us with peace and well-being.

At Santa Marta you can enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, where you can switch off completely, focusing on the rest and wellbeing that your stay here will provide.

How essential getaways are to get away from routine

At our Spa, you will be able to balance body and mind, giving rise to a state of calm that will help you relieve stress and daily tension, so that you can return with renewed energy.

Santa Marta offers a Disconnection Package, which includes:

  • Access to the Water Area for 2 people at the Santa Marta Spa
  • 2 Alqvimia Rituals of 90 minutes (Oasis for him, Queen for her)
  • A Yoga class

Sometimes it is essential to get away physically and mentally, to break away from daily obligations. Forget the rush to live in the present moment, improvise and flow. Book your stay at Santa Marta and find the tranquility you need.

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