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Wine tourism

Brugarol – Palamos

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Distance: 55,3 km 
Time: 54 min
Descripción: Located in a land of native wine, it has been built hidden underground beneath the vineyard. These underground chambers take us into the riddles of the winery, discovering the aging of the wine and in turn the play of light and shadow generated by the RCR architecture. Wine tastings, business meetings, as well as activities related to art, landscape and social integration are held in the winery.   

Martin Faixo – Cadaques

Distance: 109 km
Time: 1 h y 30 min
Description: The winery has 14 hectares of vineyards planted on slate mineral soil, the Grenache Tinta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Picapoll and Alexandria Muscat varieties. In 2004, the Martin Faixó family restored Mas Perafita with the aim of recovering the traditional family wine and vineyard in Cap de Creus, in particular in Cadaqués. Since then, wines have been handmade in unique environmental conditions. Visiting the winery and wine tasting is a wonderful and essential experience.

Mas Oller – Torrent

Distance: 62,1 km
Time: 52 min
Description: Mas Oller is located between the sea and the mountain, very marked by the presence of the north wind, the tramontana and where a diversity of soils are found. Currently, the farm has 17 hectares of vineyards in production. The three red varieties are Garnacha, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and the two white varieties are Picapoll and Malvasía de Sitges. The vineyards are located around the house and the grapes are selected manually in the vineyard.

La Vinyeta – Peralada

Distance: 92,5 km
Time: 1 h and 10 min
Description: It was one of the first wineries to be Integrated Production, a farming system that respects the environment. The first wines of the La Vinyeta winery were the young Heus, coming out for the first time in the year 2007. You will be able to appreciate a landscape of centenary vineyards and olive trees while you are walking through these lands.

Perelada – Peralada

Distance: 86,9 km 
Time: 1 hour 7 minutes
Description: Castillo Perelada offers its visitors different options for visits and tastings of its wines. To make combined visits to the vineyards and winery facilities, as well as to the castle's museums, it is necessary to make a previous reservation. Slate slopes, sediments of river origin, lands rich in silt and clays, gravel soils... This heterogeneity of the lands where their vineyards grow allows Perelada to obtain grapes with a wide range of shades.

La Costa Brava;
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Más que una estancia

Santa Marta es más que una estancia. Es un entorno imponente, un oasis en el bullicio de la costa. Es comodidad y servicio. Son cuidados y bienestar.

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We don’t want to brag, but we have around 200 days of sunshine a year