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Imagine for a moment the sound of the sea hitting the rocks, the birds rustling with the movement of the leaves, the smell of salt mixed with the smell of nature, experiencing a feeling surrounded by trees that reach the paradise beach of Santa Cristina. You are in the Santa Marta Hotel in the heart of the Costa Brava.

Life your Santa Marta experience

The beautiful beach views combined with its elegant and classic facilities, create a cozy and nice environment that invites you to enjoy a memorable stay.

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Ideal location to enjoy the tranquillity of the landscape and nature, accompanied by a close friendly and personalized service will make you feel at home. Among the hotel facilities you can enjoy its different spaces and activities. Soak in a fabulous swim in a pool near the beach, enjoy a delicious meal in their restaurant or terraces. If you prefer sports, you can enjoy a good game of tennis on artificial grass courts. At this point, you deserve a massage spa, a unique sensory experience that will make your senses are more alive than ever.

Delving into the calm clear waters of the beach of Santa Cristina. They can feel the embrace of the Mediterranean Sea at its finest. Snorkelling is a very good option. A secret for the practice: there is an image of Santa Cristina hidden somewhere under the sea, opposite the beach of Santa Cristina. If you prefer to explore its various coves and beaches nearby do not worry. Every day in the summer, another the various tourist boats that will take you to discover the Costa Brava from a perspective within and incredible views of the sea.

Do not leave without visiting the chapel of Santa Cristina, located between cliffs of the Botanical Garden ‘Pinya de Rosa’. The first is that the chapel is from the year 1376. The temple is the end of the eighteenth century neoclassical style, has a rich marble altar made in Italy and an interesting collection of ex- votes and miniature boats.

Under the “Centennial Pi” is held for the festival (Day of Santa Cristina, 24 July), breakfast in the fellowship of all the fishermen, where you eat the typical “stew.”

Hotel Santa Marta *****