Work, children, home… We all know that the pace of life we ​​lead is very busy. From time to time you have to stop and take care of yourself too. A break between tasks is ideal to disconnect from the routine. Going to a restaurant in a hotel on the Costa Brava to eat is a very good option.

An excellent example is the Hotel Santa Marta. It has a restaurant located on the Costa Brava between sea and mountains, a special and unique location that will make your menu taste a pleasure for the 5 senses.

What will wake up our menu?


Is there anything better to eat listening to the whisper of the Costa Brava in the background? It will be the perfect harmony to relax.


The dishes are true visual works of art and if you accompany them with the great views you will have from our terrace towards the Cala de Santa Cristina, they will make an excellent conjugation.


Cooked with a lot of love and dedication and with products from the area, the dishes of the magnificent Costa Brava restaurant, restaurant 58, do not need any special additives to enhance their essence. The smell of the sea will make your mind transport itself to old pleasant memories.


The abrupt but at the same time magnetic feel of the Costa Brava, which will make you want to come back again and again.


Without a doubt it is the sense that you will develop the most. The restaurant has an excellent kitchen team, which will make your dishes an authentic delicacies for the palate.

In the Restaurant 58, restaurant of the hotel of the Costa Brava, the chef prepares a weekly menu where to escape from the monotony, routine and stress will be really easy for you.

With dishes worthy of an award, the raw material plays a very important role. Seasonal products are enhanced and adapted to suit all tastes. With 4 appetizers to choose from, 4 main courses and 4 desserts, the choice will be difficult.

The menu accompanied by good wines with certification of designation of origin will be the perfect complement for this weekly menu.

Being able to dedicate a few hours for you and your partner or friends will be the perfect break between tasks and the best award you can give.

We wait for you in our Costa Brava restaurant so you can enjoy a good gastronomic route without leaving our restaurant.

Hotel Santa Marta *****