How to organise the first communion

Everybody knows how special is the First Communion for our children. It’s important make this day a unique day for the memories. We are going to talk about some good ideas for Communions. If it’s time for your children for this important event, keep reading.

The first thing you have to know is where you want to celebrate the event. There’s a lot of interesting places to do it, so the best thing to do is make a list and then see what place is better for the season.


For this event, and taking advantage of the weather in the Costa Brava, the ideal place has to have an open space. Then, all the children can run and play. The good weather is very important for having fun outside. Meanwhile, the adults can enjoy of the views and being wherever they prefer (inside or out).


Is good to have some money for the decoration. This way will make all the guests more comfortable and they’ll enjoy more if the place looks different than others communions. At the same way for the invitations. Being original is always great idea. The idea of a Candy Bar is amazing! Who doesn’t love sweeties? Is a fantastic idea and everybody will love it. The decoration could be about your son/daughter favourite cartoon.

Another interesting idea is making a photocall. So every guest can take a picture with the communion kid. Also if there’s some animation or some inflatable will make the day more unforgettable for all the little guests.


We know this is a very important thing of the communion, but is good to remember that our children has to feel comfortable and happy with his/her clothes. Don’t pick something you love if they don’t.


It’s very important that our guests be happy with the menu. Is better more quality than quantity, because it’s doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of food if no one likes.

Think about how much money is going to the menu and pick the better option.


A little present for everybody for remember this lovely day. You can buy some reminders or make them yourself with your son/daughter and it will be great that the protagonist of the day work in his own reminders. He/she will be proud of his/her job!

At Hotel Santa Marta you can have everything you want. Is a perfect place to celebrate Communions and the beauty of the place will make everybody shocked. You can see our special menu for this day.

For the other hand, if you are organizing other events it’s important you know we have a lot of different options. A wedding on the beach, it’s a fantastic idea and very romantic. And at our hotel we have a lovely views to make your dream wedding.

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