Santa Marta Hotel, Costa Brava’s Hotel

Santa Marta Hotel is located in Lloret de Mar, near the beach of Santa Cristina and near the chapel of Santa Cristina, one of the most beautiful, emblematic and historical significance of the Costa Brava.

Around the hotel

This included approximately coastline between the mouth of the river Tordera, in the south and Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees in the far deep into the sea, to the north, was baptized a hundred years ago.

A winding dirt road with accentuated curves and towering pines, leading to the Hotel Santa Marta from the main entrance and can guess the surprising oasis built in the middle of an area often referred to the imbalance of uncontrolled mass tourism easy. The Santa Marta Hotel allows you to find a real disconnect from everyday stress.

There is no doubt that peace is one of the currencies of the Santa Marta Hotel. The lazy after dinner by the sea beach of Santa Cristina and in the middle of six of its hectares of forest: the pleasant warmth of the sun on the Costa Brava mitigated by the shade of the trees that protect the restaurant terrace while conversation was charging on the tablecloth. At this time as straightforward condenses the essence of one of the days of summer family: that peace which only distil some exclusive moments of summer relaxation.


In the evening it is a real privilege to read the newspaper protected by the warm Mediterranean breeze as the sun illuminates even the last hours of the afternoon. A real luxury to breathe the air of the Mediterranean with all its nuances and at the same time, could feel the tranquillity of silence incubated in the rocks of these coves of the Costa Brava.

But for building this feeling it is not enough with a privilege place. It is essential, in addition, the cozy comfort of the premises of the Santa Marta Hotel Lloret de Mar, in some cases surprising, as small vehicle that transfers guests to the beach, and the kind attentions of the people working in the establishment.

Hotel Santa Marta *****