Living a few days without worries, without routines, without schedules and knowing that you can spend the day visiting the best coves of Lloret de Mar is a privilege that not many can enjoy.

It it well known by all and recognized that Lloret de Mar is a maritime city belonging to the Costa Brava and that it has authentics gems, such as the beach of Santa Cristina.

Today we want to present you, the 5 best coves of Lloret de Mar and its crystal clear beaches:

  • Santa Cristina Beach:

Familiar and located in emblematic surroundings by forest, the beach of Santa Cristina is where you can hear and feel in your skin when you stay at Hotel Santa Marta, with spectacular views from the terrace of your room.

Walk along its shore of fine golden sand at sunsets, the soft sound of breaking waves and endless good feeling that will cause you to be in this place in the world.

  • Cala Treumal

Located between the towns of Lloret de Mar and Blanes and separated by rocks from the beach of Santa Cristina, this cove is unique due to its pine environment and the botanical garden of Pinya de Rosa. Its access, as happens with the previous beach, is on foot.

  • Cala Trons

Cala Trons, also known as the Caleta d’en Trons, is a small cove located not far from the center of the municipality of Lloret de Mar. With an access through Camino de Ronda makes this one of the best coves of Lloret de Mar.

With two opposite zones, one of sand and another of rock, cooling off in its crystal clear waters, green and blue, will be the best reward for the ride.

  • Cala dels Frares

Cala dels Frares is the most beautiful and photogenic cove of Lloret de Mar. Located below the castle of Plaja, you can also access from Camino de Ronda. If you are a sport traveller, this will be the ideal cove to snorkel, due to its large amount of rocks, the underwater views promise to be spectacular.

  • Sa Caleta

And last but not least, Sa Caleta. Located below the Castle of Lloret de Mar, bathing with these views is one of the best plans. The small fishing boats that lie on the sand will be your company for sunbathing.

These are the 5 best coves of Lloret de Mar that you can visit while staying at our hotel, where you can experience the purest essence of the Costa Brava just minutes away.

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