Welcome to the excellence of the luxury hotel, Hotel Santa Marta

The Hotel Santa Marta has 5 stars and is located in the best place in the Costa Brava, the Santa Cristina beach. Its facilities, its environment, its catering service and its high experience within the luxury hotel sector on the Costa Brava will make your stay there a real pleasure.

The Santa Marta hotel is located in an exclusive natural setting, with direct access to the beach of Santa Cristina and surrounded by numerous hectares of native forest that will make of that place a true paradise in the Costa Brava.

Disconnect and relax is possible in its spectacular spa that has water area, treatments and a gym where you will spend many hours.

The rooms cared for and pampered down to the smallest detail, have great services such as cable TV, WiFi and safe, among others. The comfort of these and your rest is our maxim and are designed to make your stay as restorative as possible.

The Santa Marta hotel has designed 3 experiences on the Costa Brava so that you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the quality of service and luxury. The spa getaway is designed for couples who want to surprise or enjoy unique days. The gastronomic break will make you escape from the routine and relax in an incomparable environment and finally, the romantic experience with unsurpassed service quality, wonderful views and an unbeatable gastronomic menu.

The Hotel Santa Marta is listed as one of the best high quality hotels on the Costa Brava, for the whole of its facilities, quality service and luxury. Do not wait any longer and start preparing your next vacation.

Discover why to continue visiting the Hotel Santa Marta during the autumn and winter months here.

Hotel Santa Marta *****