Discover the most sensational places to see in Girona

What to see in Girona? Girona is one of the most beautiful cities of Catalunya and located just half an hour from Lloret de Mar. Don’t hesitate to make a visit in this city full of history and culture.

And if you are a huge fan of the HBO’s succesful show Game of Thrones you will find in Girona some of the tv series most famous spots, like the Cathedral of Girona as Bravos.

Today we want to propose you a cultural route through the stunning Girona.

visitar girona


From the first century BC, “la Força Vella” was part of the fortress built by the Romans to protect their territory. It was the first site of the city of Girona. It is there, at the foot of the cathedral, where the cultural route that we propose begins.


The emblem of Girona. Built between the centuries 11th and18th, the mixture of styles, such as the Romanesque and the Baroque, constitutes one of the most impressive monuments to see in Girona. .


Inspired by Roman baths, the arab baths of Girona are dated from the 12th century. Now you can visit this monument every day of the week.


Being part of the university complex of the University of Girona, the convent of Sant Domènec was one of the first gothic buildings in Catalonia. You can visit the church and the large cloister.


Also known as the Jewish quarter, it occupies almost all the part of the old town of the city of Girona. Walking through its narrow streets and beautiful courtyards you can still breathe the medieval breeze. It is one of the best preserved Jewish areas around the world. Mandatory visit!


Another visual wonder of Girona,  the houses of the river Onyar are another remarkable element in all the photographs of Girona. We recommend you to take a photograph from the red Eiffel bridge with these houses and the impressive cathedral will be the best memory you can take from Girona.
You can also visit in Girona another  countless buildings that will not leave you indifferent.

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