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Kerala Detox: Fortify the immune system in Covid's time

Kerala Detox: Fortify the immune system in Covid's time

These are times to take care of yourself and pay attention to yourself and to be protected, what better than to trust in Nature itself.

A weakened and intoxicated body invites all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Ayurveda relies on nature to strengthen our own healing potential. A strong and healthy immune system prevents the disease from manifesting.

We live in uncertain times and the challenges posed by the Covid crisis, as a global society, begin with oneself, from individuality. Above all the recommendations and precautions that citizens have received since the beginning of this situation, there is one that is meridian and fundamental: strengthening the immune system prevents the attack of the virus and other pathogens.

Aware of this reality and aligned for years with the holistic idea of ​​wellness, the SPA Santa Marta offers a series of services focused on relaxation, strengthening and detoxification of the body in order, precisely, to activate its natural mechanisms of defending.

In this line, one of the most ancient and effective treatments is the Abhyanga massage. Of Hindu origin, the maneuvers expand from head to toe, using essential oils that penetrate your skin to nourish it, oxygenate the tissues, activate circulation through them and eliminate toxins.

In the Kerala Detox treatment, we enhance the action of the oils with a clay wrap with plant essence that, together with the Ayurvedic full-body massage, allows you to cross structural and energetic lines of your anatomy, helping you to eliminate toxins, activating naturally your lymphatic system. This technique is a powerful balm to unlock your vital energy and strengthen immunity, purifying your body.

The treatment is completed with a dry sauna or steam bath in the hamam, to make it easier for the oils to gently shed off your skin, dragging all the accumulated toxins with them. It is therefore a treatment focused on both the physical and emotional planes, which relaxes your muscles and gives you mental clarity, but above all, it reveals itself as a fantastic detoxification therapy.

In this way, from Santa Marta, we want to contribute to your safety in all possible planes, following all the established hygiene protocols, but also, providing you with the possibility of reinforcing your natural defenses in our SPA, whose water path is complements other disciplines such as Ayurvedic massage or outdoor yoga classes.

From these lines, we want to take the opportunity to send an optimistic and overcoming message. The situation that we live derived from Covid is global, but the solution is in each of us. If we take care of our body and act responsibly, this will surely be a passing stage that will undoubtedly make us grow as a society.

Kerala Detox Therapy - 90 min. - 169 euro.

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