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Terrace Events
July and August 2022

Terrace Events
July and August 2022

The months of July and August will be special… We have prepared some gastronomic samples in the Terrace of Santa Marta to be able to know first-hand, through our suppliers some exquisite products

These small events will also be musical, to make the evening an even more special night

We will combine products and atmosphere so that our customers can enjoy the nights of Santa Marta

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15/07/2022, 30/07/2022 y 20/08/2022: Pad Thai Wok 30€

A relatively new dish in traditional Thai cuisine, Wok Pad Thai features a mix of flavors: sweet, salty, sour... You can bring meat or seafood as the main component with the sweet and sour sauce Nam Pla of fermented fish.


16/07/2022 y 09/08/2022: Mediterranean Fish&Chips  32€

An alternative interpretation of Britain's classic recipe. It provides an original and different flavor.

Music 09/08: David Ros 


17/07/2022, 28/07/2022 y 19/08/2022: Hawaian Poke Bowl  29€

Directly arrived from the island of Hawaii, the poke is a fresh salad where raw fish is the protagonist. Accompanied by sushi rice, vegetables and other condiments, it forms a truly amazing dish.

Music 28/07: Heura 


18/07/2022: Noche de tartares 32€

Tartar (from the French tartare) is a preparation of meat or finely chopped raw fish, optionally with seasonings or sauces. A flavor bomb for authentic foodies.


19/07/2022: Fried fish in the Andalusian style 24€

The originality and peculiarity of this classic dish is in the type of batter that is used. Curious to discover it?  (Battered Gluten Free)

Music: David Ros


20/07/2022: Pasta by Sandro Dessi  32€

Live show-cooking: pasta and Italian desserts prepared by an Italian chef, world-renowned - Sandro Dessi, accompanied by a glass of lambrusco.


21/07/2022 and 04/08/2022: Sirachi Sushi 35€

The dish most commonly eaten by the Japanese – rice with pieces of fish/seafood on top. An "authentic" version of the Poke Bowl.

Music: Heura


22/07/2022: Iberian night 30€

A gastronomic proposal based on Iberian products: sausages, cheese + wines and typical dessert.


23/07/2022 and 13/08/2022: Oaxacan quesadillas 27€

Very traditional and peculiar Mexican cuisine. It comes from the part of Mexico called Oaxa.

The dish consists of a variety of 3 quesadillas: traditional closed, open, fried (golden tacos).


24/07/2022 and 07/08/2022: Moorish barbecue 26€

The name "moruno" comes from Morocco, of Arab origin.

They are skewers of meat marinated with oriental spices. (they are not pork)


25/07/2022 and 08/08/2022: Pulpería Master JC 34€

The Galician octopus – show-cooking of the dish live, according to the canons of authenticity. Made with premium products from the best gastronomic brands.


27/07/2022, 10/08/2022 and 15/08/2022: Ham to the cut Juan Manuel

Salted ham origin Salamanca. Live cut show. The master Juan Manuel will explain the history and peculiarities of both the brand in particular, and the product in general.


29/07/2022 y 14/08/2022: Ostras Belle du Nordet 30€

We want to surprise your palate with the combination of oysters and champagne. For this, the experts of the companies La Belle Huitre – one of the best brands in Normandy, will accompany us in this exquisite evening.


31/07/2022, 03/08/2022 and 17/08/2022: Afternoon of ceviches 27€

Ceviche is a typical dish of the gastronomy of several Latin American countries, mainly on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Our chef will present a variety of three ceviches. A real explosion of flavor!


01/08/2022: Set&Ros – La Cabrona oil tasting 26€

An evening in which we will present the same brand of Extra Virgin olive oil that we serve in the restaurants of the Hotel.

The oil tasting is organized.


02/08/2022 y 16/08/2022: Lobster Roll  30€

A really exquisite dinner where with the lobster from areas of Canada and San Luis as the protagonist. Premium quality product.

Music: David Ros


05/08/2022: Grilled Prawns of Blanes 45€

Night dedicated to the prawns of Blanes, product of km0, direct from the sea grilled.


11/08/2022: Afternoon of Mexican tacos 28€

Traditional Mexican tacos, with a particular touch of our wonderful chef. We will present 3 types of tacos with three types of sauces: green (tomatillo), red and taqueña.

Music: Heura


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