Benefits of spa

When you go on a trip, what you most want is to disconnect from the routine and don’t think about anything that could you cause headache. The benefits of the spa are very good for our mental and physical health. That’s why we work to have programs and treatments at our hotel that improve your personal well-being and that help you relax and unwind.

Our hotel has different treatments that will make your experience a unique moment. Choosing hotels with spa is one of the best options when choosing accommodation for our vacations. Then you can enjoy these spas and the treatments that the hotel offers.

Our SPA tratments 

At Hotel Santa Marta we have different treatments for your body. With different durations and functions. There’s nothing better than letting our body melt with the environment, letting the aroma of candles and incenses transport us to a state of maximum relaxation.

Body treatments

Some of these treatments, such as exfoliation, cause the dead skin cells to be eliminated and leave the new ones appear. With a treatment of these your skin will feel new again.

  • Personalized massage
  • Express Trip
  • Integral foot reflexology
  • Exfoliation – Cover

Thai Spa

A Thai experience for your body. An experience that van be shared by your partner and you can both enjoy maximum relaxation.

  • Thai massage
  • Special Thai massage Back
  • Thai massage special couples

Ayurveda Dream

With these treatments you will travel to India itself. They are treatments that help your body and mind relax as never before.

  • Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage
  • Abhyanga Detox
  • Ayuvedic Reflexology (Pedikarma)

Facial Treatments

Who doesn’t want to look good? Our facial treatments will make your skin more radiant than ever.

  • Eternal Youth
  • Personalized Facial

Alqvimia Treatments

Alqvimia was created with the aim of being 100% natural and respecting the nature and the human being as much as possible. That’s why its unique and special products are good for your skin, respecting its properties and leaving us a feeling of freshness.

  • Eternal Youth Sublime Ritual
  • Ritual Dreams of the Orient
  • Ritual of Female Sensuality
  • Seductive Man Ritual
  • Body Sculptor Treatment
  • Ritual Queen of Egypt
  • Ritual Oasis of Serenity
  • Ritual of Joy

Rituals for feet and hands

Many people forget the importance of our hands, not only aesthetically, but the use we make of them every day. We use our hands for everything and with these treatments you will be able to show them off like never before.

On the other hand, our feet also suffer daily wear and tear, so pampering these parts of our body doesn’t come badly sometimes.

  • Spa Pedicure (Beautiful feet) by Alqvimia
  • Spa Manicure (Perfect hands and nails) by Alqvimia
  • Pedicure-Manicure Express

Apart from our treatments, you can also enjoy your spa moment at our hotel. Many people look for hotels with Spa on the Costa Brava because this way they can enjoy the beauty of the Costa Brava and their moment of relaxation in the hotel. For this reason, we have a unique and dedicated spa for our clients.

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